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Return & Refund Policy

Firstly, a return email has to be made within 48 hours of receiving the product. After this No Return or Refund claim under any circumstances can be made. All the issues like damaged cards, less quantity etc. has to be informed on email to

Items must be returned in their original packaging along with a copy of the invoice and these must be packed together in a secure, tamper-proof box. We neither accept partial or used packs of supplies or items returned in envelopes nor we accept the product return by international courier as the duties will be charged locally.

Address to Mail:

Madhurash Cards 101, 4 Plus Complex, Sardar Nagar Main Road, AstronChowk, Rajkot 360 001 3 working days are required from the date of receipt of goods to process and arrive at a decision on complains. Return Policy / Refund Policy for Blank Cards CASE 1

Exchanging or Getting Refund for Blank cards is only possible when no Sample was bought by you nor there was any sample cost adjustment taken while buying in bulk. The pre-requisite for this is that you need to prove that you haven’t bought the sample of the product or a free sample wasn’t sent to you. When it is established that, the sample was not seen, only then return can be made.

Following terms apply
1. Shipping cost from our office to the destination (delivery) point will be deducted. This is because lot of money is spent in shipping so this cannot be done away with.
2. A 3% of the total shipment costs incurred will be retained as processing fee.
3. Shipping cost or duties to send the goods back to our address in INDIA is to be borne by you.
4. Refund will be initiated after receipt of the goods found in good condition.

In cases where you have bought the samples before making a bulk order and now need to return the goods on grounds of your not liking the design and/or product, paper, +/- 10% color variation from the online sample, this is totally disallowed. When you have seen sample and made an order after seeing them, NO RETURN AND NO REFUND POLICY is applied.


In some cases it is observed that sometimes a family member sees the card and when the final order is received, someone from the family does not like the card and exchange or refund is requested. In such cases NO RETURN AND NO REFUND POLICY is applied as the choice was made and goods sent after seeing the product.

To prove that someone from the family has taken the samples, we check bulk order with credit for samples and if that is done, it is assumed that it’s a collective decision. We prove sample order credit is there and in such circumstances NO RETURN AND NO REFUND POLICY is applied.

Return Policy for Printed Cards & Monetary Claims

Most of the claims arise due to the fact that people don’t like the product. To overcome this issue, it is recommended that you purchase a sample first. Printed cards cannot be returned for refunds on grounds of your not liking the design and/or product, paper, color variation from the online samples. When sample could have been bought and the sample service wasn’t used, our company is not liable for the same.

Colors displayed on your monitor may vary from the actual printed card. Handmade paper tends to vary both in gsm (grams per square meter) and color. A variation of ±10% is an acceptable norm worldwide. There might be minor variations in paper of other grades too. So a sample is always advisable to be bought before placing a final order.

Though we try our best to supply cards of the same size as stated on our website, there can be circumstances when the size of the printed card may slightly vary from the sizes mentioned therein. The same is notified on email and after your approval is taken then only production is commenced.

In case, where the actual paper has changed, we inform prior to making final order and paper swatches etc. can also be sent at no cost and once you agree to the new paper or new size, no claim can be made after you receive final order in new paper or new size.

Partial claims cannot be made on grounds that paper has changed. If you don’t like new paper, then you can ask for 100% refund.


Products can be returned only if there is a gross variation from the actual sample.

If you are not satisfied with the product due to reasons as quality issues, bad printing, wrong color or wrong product, you can return the order completely and once the support team establishes the fault and product is duly received by us, (we can request you to ship the product back to us at our cost), your claim is validated and 100% refund is made.

You cannot use a product as well as claim a monetary refund. Under no circumstances, you can use a product if you are filling for a claim.


Sometimes when quality issues may arise. In such cases a complaint has to be launched within 48-72 hours to

Goods should not be used when you initiate a refund process. Our sales team tries to understand the issues and come up with a solution. In most cases, we provide you free replacements immediately. In such cases where free replacements are taken, we reserve the right to call for damaged goods to be sent to us.

When replacement is taken, No claim (partial or full) policy is applied and no monetary refund is made.

In case you use the cards (like distribute them) etc. and then launch complain, then there is no case of REFUND nor you can make a CHARGEBACK as you have used the product and now complains cannot be taken.

In no case you can use a product and claim a monetary refund as, it is not a valid claim.


Quantity Mismatch Issue:

The quantity dispatched can be proved easily with weight of the total shipment and weight per card giving due weight age to packaging etc. If this is proved, than making a claim on short supply is also difficult. We still try to resolve the issue by mutually agreeable solution.

When you accept our offer of re-supply of short goods, than NO CLAIM NO REFUND policy applies.


Delay Delivery

Slight delay in sending orders cannot be made a cause of claim. No claims entertained on this part. Delay is part and parcel of printing industry and we try our best to meet deadlines. If any delay happens, sales team does provide you with updates on delivery schedule.

If there is problem and we also agree to it, but you still need to use cards because of time constraints, we can work on refund amount and once we both agree to the refund amount, cards can be used and refund is made within 3 working days.

Partial Refunds: Not-allowed

Partial refund request for minor issues are not allowed. Our company has clear policy of free replacement of bad goods and we try our best to satisfy our customers. If you are dis-satisfied you can make a 100% claim of the full amount paid but we refrain from allowing people to use our products and also make a partial claim.

All complains are replied within 48 hours (2 business day) and can be escalated to anytime.

We believe this is a once in a lifetime occasion and nobody wants to spoil the festive mood. Our site tries best to make this occasion memorable by giving quality cards and all Issues can always be resolved by talking and a happy ending is must.